GetdownNGossip :: Offset from the Migos has 2 babies by 2 different babymamas on the way!


Disclaimer: All of our GetdownNGossip entries are submitted by our Gossipin’ Getsdowners. The entries are usually “word on the street” stories which we do not confirm or validate; although we may or may not do a little additional digging. Believe… Continue Reading


UPDATE: We found Chris Brown’s alleged baby mama Nia and you’ll never guess who she’s friends with!!

Soo.. After a lil lurkin’, and snooping, searching and poking around— We found her! The REAL her… A 31 year old former model who in fact goes by the name Nia, and lives in Houston, Texas. A mysterious Instagram page… Continue Reading


EXCLUSIVE: Former Child Star Jennifer Freeman is now unemployed & a child support LEECH!


Remember Claire Kyle— the cute teenage daughter with the pretty curly hair from the hit family show My Wife and Kids? Well we’ve been told that she’s now a struggling actress who can’t get a gig & lives off child… Continue Reading